National Jersey Day is a day to show your love and support for sport by wearing a jersey, team or club uniform to school, work, or play!

From municipal council chambers to offices to schools across the nation we envision a sea of Canadians wearing their hearts on their sleeves for National Jersey Day!

Heart Niagara is asking your employees to get on board with National Jersey Day by donating $5 and in exchange they can wear their favourite team colours to work while supporting Heart Niagara’s TryIT! Program.

TryIT! is a physical activity program where kids can try various activities and learn the skills needed to excel in sports.  The program will be happening twice a week at Heart Niagara’s Niagara Falls location, starting in January 2016.  The purpose of TryIT! is to build physical literacy in kids while developing fundamental movement skills and confidence!



  1. Promote National Jersey Day to your employees by distributing and posting printed material (PROVIDED BY HEART NIAGARA)
  2. Collect $5 from each participating employee by Friday November 20th

We hope you will support Heart Niagara and encourage your employees to participate in National Jersey Day where they can have fun wearing their favourite jersey and feel great knowing they are supporting the TryIT! Program.

Please give us a call at 905-358-5552 to find out more or email:

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