Heart Niagara Launches Cooking for a Healthier You Program

Pilot project funded by The Branscombe Family Foundation 

For 40 years Heart Niagara has been committed to delivering community based cardiovascular health services, health promotion and community development to Niagara’s 12 municipalities.

Yearly, Heart Niagara reaches over 20,000 families and multi-generations through the Healthy Heart Schools’ Program, community preparedness, diagnostic services, smoke cessation, HeartCORE and corporate wellness initiatives.

The registered charitable organization continues to evolve and adapt to meet the needs of the communities that it serves. This month, Heart Niagara launched the Cooking for a Healthier You program.

A cross-Canada survey of about 3,000 adults by Leger Marketing, found that a vast majority (91 per cent) of Canadians want to eat a healthy and balanced diet, but reality is that only one in 10 say all their meals meet that goal.

Funded in part by The Branscombe Family Foundation, the Cooking for a Healthier You program will teach participants how to eat better and make sustainable, healthy choices.

Classes are divided into topics that include Healthy Eating for Families, Healthy Eating on a Budget and Investing in Me.  During the 2-3 hour sessions, important dietary tips such as how to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, adding fibre and choosing healthy fats will be discussed. Participants will also receive hands-on experience by preparing the food and enjoying the final product.

Cooking for a Healthier You Program Coordinator, Terra Pasco, began teaching the classes last week and looks forward to growing the program throughout it’s one year pilot project duration.

“A healthy diet can reduce your risk of heart disease and other ailments, as well as improve your day-to-day life,” Terra explained.

“The cooking classes will assist in building menus using fibre-rich foods such as whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables.  We encourage participants to come hungry and leave healthier.”

Cooking for a Healthier You classes take place at Heart Niagara located at 4635B Queen Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario.  The cost is only $10 per class or purchase 4 classes for $35.  For further information or to register contact Terra Pasco at 905-358-5552 ext. 118  or email terra.pasco@heartniagara.com.


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