Teaching Safe Cycling in Niagara

Heart Niagara is pleased to announce that we have received a grant from the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund to work on Cycle Safety Education (CSE) with Grade 5 students. Heart Niagara will work with community partners such as Public Health, School Boards and the Board’s Transportation Consortium, Niagara Regional Police Services, Active Transportation (AT) groups, and Municipalities to teach children, aged 9-11, about cycling safely to school and other destinations such as parks, friend’s homes, and community centres. This will increase opportunities for children to bike in a safe environment and help them develop the fundamental skills necessary to make cycling a lifelong form of physical activity that they can use for both recreational and transportation purposes, each and every day.

We will test the program during the school day with 12 schools and during after school times at 2 community events. Students will receive an in-class session reviewing aspects of cycling safety such as hand signals and required safety gear, along with an on-tarmac cycling session where they can practice their cycling skills. This on-tarmac session will also include time for a bike mechanic to check the safety of the bikes, do minor repairs, and a review of the helmets and other safety gear. The program may also include an on-road cycling session to further build children’s cycling skills and their confidence in cycling. Heart Niagara’s overall goal is to ensure that all children have access to a bicycle and are safe as they learn high quality cycling skills!

If you are interested in joining our working group, becoming a cycling instructor, hosting a bike rodeo, or have any other inquiries, contact Victoria at:

Email: Victoria.lafratta@heartniagara.com

Call: 905-358- 5552

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