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by Cindy VanDyke

Today, I would like to bring our awareness to colour and how it affects us knowingly and unknowingly. We already use colour to describe our emotions or in everyday conversations such as:

"I am in the pink today"

"She was green with envy"

"The business was in the red last year"

"He has blue days"

"That is the golden boy"

And so on.

But today, I want to share with you how we can use colour to enhance our lives.

When it comes to colour, most people have an attraction or aversion to certain colours.

When you become consciously aware of colour, you may begin to tap into its basic psychological powers and become more aware of how it is able to influence you in your everyday life.

Colour therapy has been used and recognized for many years, not only in ancient cultures but in our present society as well. Depending on brightness, shade, and tone, colours can be stimulating and constructive, or dark and depressing.

We have warm colours like red, orange, and yellow, or cool colours like blue, green, and purple. Happy colours that are bright and light. Sad colours that are dark and muted. Calming colours that are pastel and neutral. And energizing colours that refresh and stand out, like magenta and turquoise.

All of these amazing reflections of light bring either cheerfulness or irritation to us mentally or emotionally, depending on our experiences, culture, and sensitivities.

In yoga, each area of the body has an energy center or chakra influenced by a colour and its balancing colour. The seven main chakras are located from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

  • The first chakra has an emanating colour of red and a balancing colour of green.
  • The second chakra has an emanating colour of orange and a balancing colour of blue.
  • The third chakra has an emanating colour yellow with a balancing colour of violet.
  • The fourth chakra is green with a balancing colour of red.
  • The fifth chakra is blue with a balancing colour of orange.
  • The sixth chakra is indigo with a balancing colour of deep yellow.
  • The seventh chakra is violet with a balancing colour is pale yellow.

If the chakra or energy center is underactive, the emanating colour is beneficial. If the center is overactive, the balancing color is beneficial.

In the upcoming blog articles, we will go into each chakra and look at how their location, as well as other factors such as colour, sound, movement, activities, diet, the elements, and breath (Prana Yama) affect each one. As well as how each one affects our physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Perhaps then allowing you to gain a more conscious awareness as to what colours you gravitate to and why.


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