Fourth or Heart Chakra

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by Cindy VanDyke

The fourth chakra is known as 'Anahata,' which is located in the area of our hearts. It governs the heart, lungs, arms, and thymus (the gland that oversees our immune system function). This energy system is connected to the element of air and the emanating colour is green. 

This is where we move into self-acceptance, and signifies the social part of our growth. It is the part of us that loves and wants to be loved. If this chakra has excess energy, we may have tendencies to be a people please, martyr, or co-dependent. The colour red will help balance this excess energy. If this chakra is deficient, one may lack empathy, be lonely, withdraw, be critical and intolerant. In this case, a little extra green is necessary. 

Breathwork is needed for this chakra. The balance breath, or Nadi shodana, along with an attitude of gratitude, and forgiveness for self and others. Yoga postures of the chest and shoulder area can also be helpful. Backbends, fish and cobra may help to increase energy, and forward folds to decrease energy. 

This center needs a lot of vegetables and when balanced, one is accepting of self an others. There is compassion, contentment, and trust. 

As I have heard, 'if everyone was perfect, there would be no need for love.'



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