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by Cindy VanDyke

Reflexology is one of the most fascinating techniques for helping the body heal itself, release stress, and decrease congestion.

Reflexology originated in Germany and is based upon the principle of every organ having a corresponding spot on the sole of the foot related to where it is located on the body. For example, the liver and gall bladder have spots on our right foot, and the spleen and pancreas have spots on our left foot. When an organ can be found on both sides of our body body (e.g., like our lungs, ears, and eyes), it will have spots on both feet.

When you receive a reflexology treatment, each foot is addressed with pressure, manipulation, and techniques that break down blockages and decrease congestion, as well as increase circulation and relaxation.

In Europe today, doctors, nurses, and physical therapists include reflexology in their procedures to help speed up healing and bring the body back to homeostasis.

When the body is out of balance due to stress, disease, or injury, this non-invasive treatment helps the body realign itself again. 


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