Root Chakra

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by Cindy VanDyke

In several articles, I have talked about or mentioned the seven main chakras or energy centers that are apart of the philosophy of yoga. 

Today we are going to look at the first chakra known as the root chakra, called Muladhara. It is the foundation located at the base of the spine and it governs the bottom 3 vertebrae, the legs, the colon and the bladder. 

This chakra is the energy center for stability, security, survival, and basic material needs such as food, water, shelter and community.

The element of earth is connected to this chakra an the more we are removed from nature and experience fear for survival, the more disjointed and detached we become. 

The emanating colour for this chakra is red, and if we have too much energy in this area, we feel sluggish and heavy. The colour green can be beneficial in this case. Alternatively, if we don't have enough energy in this chakra, we feel restless, fearful, and may have difficulty manifesting. In this case the colour red is beneficial. 

This is our self-preservation chakra. When we are balanced in this energy, we feel safe, secure, lively, and are able to be still. 

We benefit from warrior poses, forward folds and childs pose, along with walking, and hiking. We also benefit from a balance of protein and  vegetables to keep this chakra happy. 

The scent of patchouli, cedarwood, and myrrh soothe this center and allow the body to transition into a parasympathetic state of rest. 

When this center, the root chakra, is in a state of malfunction, the body may experience obesity or anorexia, sciatica or constipation. Remember, the parts of the body this chakra governs. 

Sleeping is our grounding at the end of each day that allows us to refresh for the next day. 

The complete yoga breath right down to the belly is also a great technique to balance this chakra. 

One chakra is not more important than another, as they all influence our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. 

Next week we will talk about the second chakra. 



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