The Fifth Chakra

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by Cindy VanDyke

This energy center is in the throat and governs the mouth, throat, ears, hands, and thyroid. It is known as visuddha. It is our communication center, or area of self-expression. It is the chakra for speaking and being heard and it is connected to the vibration of sound.

This chakra emanates the color blue. When excess energy is present, one may talk excessively, display poor listening skills, and have loud expression. In situations like this, the color orange is beneficial. If the orange color is deficient in this area, one may fear speaking, display a weak voice, and deny creative expression, which is when the color blue is needed. When this chakra is balanced, our voices are full of clear communication, we are good listeners, and display creative expression.

This chakra needs fruit, fruit juices, neck and shoulder stretches, as well as chanting, singing, listening to music, silence to be balanced. The ocean breath, known as the ujjayi breath, is a beneficial breath for this center. Yoga postures such as the bridge, fish, and camel are also great for supporting this chakra.

This center is like a funnel, with energy coming down from above and rising from below. This area is narrow, so for growth and expression, you must ensure that energy can move freely through this center by keeping it balanced.


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