The Seventh Chakra: The Crown Chakra

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by Cindy VanDyke

This energy center is at the crown of the head, the soft spot we see on a newborn baby. It is known as the sahasrana, and it is beyond all elements. It identifies with the universe and self-knowledge.

When this chakra is excessive, body dissociation may occur, and one may live in their head. One may also experience an addiction to religion or spirituality. If this happens, the color pale yellow can help balance this chakra. When this center is deficient, there is spiritual uncertainty, materialistic desires, and a closed mind. A violet color may be helpful in these cases. A balanced crown chakra has wisdom and is able to question, assimilate to, and analyze situations with an open mind.

The beneficial breath for this chakra is the nadi shodhansa, also called the "balance breath." Inverted postures in yoga are great for this center, including the downward dog, shoulder stand, and child’s pose. Other healing activities for this chakra include meditation, praying, learning and creating, walking in nature, and defining one’s beliefs.

This is a self-mastering and experiential chakra.


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