Third or Solar Chakra

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by Cindy VanDyke

As we work our way up the spine to our next energy center, we will find it located at the level of the solar plexus. This is above the belly button and below the center of the ribs.

This chakra is called manipura and governs the diaphragm, solar plexus, pancreas, and adrenal glands in our body. This chakra is connected to the element of fire and is our empowerment and energy center.

The first chakra identifies with the physical self, while the second chakra aligns with the emotional self. The third chakra identifies with the ego self. Here, we have moved from preservation, to gratification and self-definition.

The emanating colour for this chakra is yellow like the sun. If we have too much energy in this chakra, we tend to be aggressive, competitive, or domineering.

The colour violet in this chakra can be soothing and beneficial. If this center is deficient of this energy, we tend to be weak willed, submissive, and have poor self-esteem. This is when the vibrant colour yellow is needed. When this chakra is balanced, one has healthy boundaries, self-confidence, self-esteem, and discipline.

A wonderful yoga breath for this area is kapalabhati, or breath of fire, which opens and balances the diaphragm while getting energy moving up and down, and in and out of the lungs. The yoga postures that balance this center are the warrior, twists, cobra, and forward fold. Other beneficial actions for a healthy solar chakra are releasing anger, laughing, movement, and eating whole grains.

This chakra is really about empowering ourselves and processing anything that supports the transformation of self-definition.


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