Why are we still hardening our hearts?: Preface

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After nearly 30 years, Dr. Stafford W. Dobbin asks “Why are we still hardening our Hearts?”. Heart Niagara Founder, Dr. Stafford W. Dobbin, will share the importance of the Healthy Heart Schools’ Program (HHSP) for the prevention, reduction and early detection of Heart Disease. The HHSP transforms gymnasiums in Niagara High Schools’ into clinics for over 4,000 students per year. The clinic screens Grade 9 students for markers and risk factors of Coronary Artery Disease, (CAD).

In this four part series, local family physical and CAD early screening and intervention advocate, Dr. Dobbin, will explore the impact of the HHSP, the CAD research and the future health of our community. Learn more about how the HHSP makes a difference, the science behind our arteries, the research findings on how to prevent and reduce CAD, the causes of CAD and how we can stop hardening our hearts.


About the Author


Dr. Stafford W. Dobbin was a graduate of Queens University Belfast and founded Heart Niagara in 1977. He established the first Department of Emergency Services in Niagara at the Greater Niagara General Hospital in 1976.  Through Heart Niagara he initiated the teaching of citizen cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and advanced cardiac life support for critical care personnel prior to the establishment of the Regional Paramedic program. 

His initial design of Heart Niagara included a cardiac rehabilitation program for survivors of cardiac events staffed by qualified physicians and nurses for which he was the medical director until 2002. He started the Heart Niagara’s Healthy Heart Schools’ Program in 1985 and served as medical director. His EMS system for coverage of mass participation events was first used at the US Olympic Marathon trials in 1980 and he served on the first executive of the International Marathon Directors Association. 

August 25 2020 Dr. Stafford Worrell Dobbin, much loved and cherished husband to Susan moved on into the loving arms of God, much loved son-in-law to Eileen Kennedy. His dear parents Stafford and Jean passed on before him. Churchyard service at Hillsborough Parish Church to place his ashes with those of his parents in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland at a future time. In memory of Stafford if so desired consider The Niagara Schools Healthy Heart Programme of Heart Niagara which he so believed in.

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