Flex your Generosity Muscle Fundraising Campaign


The Impact the Community will feel

  • Leading with a solution for Niagara’s child obesity challenges
  • Reverse the crisis in healthcare
  • Reduction of chronic diseases
  • Slow disease progression
  • Reduce medical appointments for injury and re-injury of the spine, neck , knees and hips

What is Heart Core Focused on?

  • Prevention and Mitigation
  • Providing a different path for community and health care providers to improve and better coordinate the journey to better health by linking health, healthcare and community.
  • Providing Niagara’s high risk kids with access to an energy coach to reduce risk factors for premature disease
  • Providing Niagara’s high risk residents with coaching to support recovery from chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
  • By providing coaching and behavior change to the slow the progression of disease related to inactivity, tobacco use, nutrition, and social supports.
  • Access to affordable, efficient, friendly client centred services
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