AED Training

Heart Niagara provides AED training, unit ordering and deployment, parts replacement, and more – all at competitive prices. Our goal is to make Niagara a safer region to live by equipping public places with PADs and creating a well-trained and confident community. If you have a group of 10 or more people, you can also contact Heart Niagara (905-358-5552) to schedule your own private course.

Fast Facts - What do all those letters mean?

AED: Automated External Defibrillator
An AED is a device that a layperson can use to attempt to treat someone suffering from cardiac arrest.
AEDs are easy to use and will only shock someone who needs it.

PAD: Public Access Defibrillator
A PAD is simply an automated external defibrillator that is available for public use.
For example, most local sports arenas provide a PAD.


Cardiac arrest is unpredictable and can occur with no warning. Victims of cardiac arrest can be of any age and may have appeared to be perfectly healthy prior to the event. The only known effective treatment of sudden cardiac arrest is defibrillation. Each minute that passes without defibrillation reduces the victim’s chance of survival by 10% – making early and easy access to a defibrillator essential. An AED is used in conjunction with CPR as CPR is still required to pump oxygenated blood throughout the victim’s body. Why use the PAD Program at Heart Niagara Inc.?

Heart Niagara Inc. (HNI) developed a team with an extensive background in pre-hospital care to take the lead role in implementing the Community Public Access Defibrillation Program. Heart Niagara Inc. will provide comprehensive defibrillation training, advocating for timely access to defibrillation throughout the Niagara Region. Heart Niagara’s Public Access Defibrillation Program instructors are knowledgeable, creditable and experienced.

Dr. Douglas Munkley is the Public Access Defibrillation Program Medical Director. He has served as Medical Director of the Niagara Regional Base Hospital Paramedic Program and is the Director of the Regional Firefighter Defibrillation Program. He has both the experience and expertise to provide corporations and individuals with the highest quality service.


“The real videos helped with recognizing what you might encounter.”
– Class Participant in St. Catharines