Cardiovascular Diagnostic Services

Heart Niagara’s diagnostic services have contributed to the heart health of our community in a number of ways:

  • By increasing the range of preventative screening and diagnostic services for those at risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • By providing improved access to and use of state-of-the-art equipment for Niagara physicians.
  • By improving access to testing for patients through flexible scheduling.
  • All net proceeds are reinvested in health promotion in Niagara.

Services include:

    *Referral forms are required. Physicians and nurse practitioners can fax a referral form directly to Heart Niagara at 905-358-6033. The physician of record will receive a copy of the patient’s final report.

    What to Bring with You

    Echo Sonography

    1. Health card
    2. Current list of medications

    Holter Monitors

    1. Health Card

    Length of Appointment

    Typically appointments range from 20-40 minutes. Patients requiring multiple tests can expect their appointments to last 60-90 minutes.

    How to Return Your Heart Monitor

    Once your duration is complete please return your monitor to Heart Niagara. You will bring it back to our clinic. There is a bin located at the front desk to return used monitors. Your monitor has an ID number which is attached to your patient file. Monitors will be read within 5-7 business days. Results will be forwarded to your health care provider.

    Your Appointment Location

    4635B Queen Street, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 2L7. Enter through front doors along Queen Street. Parking located behind the building off Park and St. Lawrence Avenue.