Celebrate Being Healthy!

Did you know that June 20th is one of the longest days of the year? Which means that I get to celebrate my birthday longer than most people. That’s right, it’s my birthday, Happy 68th birthday to me! Birthdays are great because we get to celebrate the people in our life who are most important to us. Now the problem most people have on their birthday, a friend’s birthday, or even a family member’s birthday, is trying to stay healthy. Most people automatically think that you have to be unhealthy on these days, but I’m here to tell you that there is another option(s), one where you can stay healthy and celebrate at the same time! First let’s breakdown some of the common elements on any given birthday and see how we can make healthier choices:

1. Give What You Need, Not What You Want

Presents are one of the best things about birthdays whether you are receiving or giving them. For me personally, I love to give funny inside joke presents. For example, giving my Mom the gift of Tupperware that I borrowed from her. But all funny gifts aside, we can honestly say receiving a gift from someone who gives us what we need more so than what we want can truly impact us so much. For example, I may want the latest phone, but maybe a better gift is a gift card for gas if you are commuting a lot to get to work or school, or getting something for your home that makes your life a little easier, or getting a massage to help you relax if you are feeling really stressed. These are the type of gifts that can help someone not only in their everyday lives, but also reduce mental stress. Plus, don’t be afraid to give yourself a present on your birthday whether it's getting your hair or nails done, or maybe taking time for yourself to go on a walk!

2. Be Active On Your Birthday

What better way to celebrate your birthday then getting yourself moving! There are a lot of fun activities that you can do no matter what age you are. Here are some options of fun activities that you or a group of people can do on your birthday:

  • Bowling
  • Laser Tag
  • Hiking
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Dancing

These activities and much more are great ways to stay active on your birthday. For myself I plan to go to dragon boat practice. Although, most people think that going to a practice isn’t the best way to celebrate their birthday, I think of it as getting to spend time with my friends and have fun, while working out.

3. Did Anyone Order Cake?

A key element to any birthday celebration is food. Now most people think that there are no healthy options or choices, but there are. If you are going out, select a restaurant with a menu that has healthier options that taste great or maybe have a house party and make a menu that is both healthy and delicious. Also, don’t feel bad about having a small cheat. It’s your birthday so a little dessert won't hurt. Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional dessert? So enjoy it, but you know dessert can be healthy too! What? Crazy I know right?! Dessert can be just fresh fruit or the best healthy dessert I’ve ever made is a Blueberry-Lime Cashew Cheesecake. This cheesecake is made up of nuts, dates, blueberries, coconut oil, limes and a few other ingredients and honestly it is probably one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. If you want to try to make this cake here is the link to the recipe: https://prettypies.com/recipe/blueberry-lime-cheesecake-vegangfpaleo/?fbclid=IwAR04FlYEl1IsYkHpw-92PHMjaEE3JJOLmZPgdtwCwWd1L1Nc5KfG-4lS5Is. But if you are like my Mom and don’t have enough time to make cake, you can always try her Lara Bar with a candle attached to it option!

So Let The Party Begin!

There you have it folks, a quick snap shot of what my birthday will be like. I’m excited to treat myself to my yoga practice in the morning to relax and destress, then later go to dragon boat practice to hang with my teammates and to finish it all off have my Mom’s signature Peanut Butter Lara Bar with a candle. So next time it’s a friend or a family members birthday or even your birthday, maybe try mixing it up a bit and make it a healthy, but fun birthday!

Diana Hastings
Heart Niagara, HeartCORE Coach