Pedometer Program

The Get Movin' Walking Challenge is a pedometer-based initiative that encourages participants to track their daily step count and gradually increase activity over time. It's an effective and user friendly tool that can inspire even the most inactive person and support their transition to a healthier lifestyle. To book a Pedometer Challenge or request a custom package, call (905-358-5552) or email Heart Niagara.


  • A Heart Niagara health professional will visit your site at the beginning of the program and also at the end. At each visit, the participants will receive a blood pressure check and the waist circumference will be measured (optional).
  • A research-quality pedometer for each participants
  • Printed material that highlights the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating
  • An activity journal for each participant that will encourage participants to monitor their progress over time
Investment: $32 per person for a minimum of 8 participants. Suggested duration is 3-4 weeks. Heart Niagara also provides a Cooking for a Healthier You service.