About HeartCORE

Where Failure Is Success

HeartCORE is a high-intensity resistance training program that involves 15–20-minute appointments up to two times per week as part of your physical activity program. This type of program is suitable for any ages and fitness levels as the routine is performed with slow, controlled movements.

Our main goal with each client is to personalize each appointment to their unique goals and needs that will strengthen their all-major muscle groups to the point of maximal effort. Small weight increments ensure safe and effective progression.

Performing circuit training to maximum muscle fatigue eliminates the need to do multiple sets and sessions per week. Pushing yourself to fatigue means that rest is required between appointments to allow for optimal muscle growth. By doing this you will develop muscle mass boosts metabolism which results in calorie burn for several hours after exercise has been completed. 

At every session, members are accompanied by an experienced personal energy coach.  Your HeartCORE coach sets the machines upon arrival and supports you by tracking your progress, watch and correcting form to reduce the chance of injury, provide support and encouraging you to reach failure.

Opened in October 2015, the HeartCORE exercise facility is furnished with MedX circuit training equipment, which was designed by the founder of Nautilus. It is the most technologically advanced fitness, sport-specific training, and medical/rehabilitation equipment available.


The HeartCORE program is based on the book “Body By Science” by authors, John Little and Dr. Doug McGuff.  Backed by extensive research, they prescribe a weekly high-intensity, 12-minute program for increasing strength, metabolism, and building muscle. 

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