John and Lillian Clark Fund

1425055117_ClarkFund Heart Niagara is both excited and gratified to announce the donation of one million dollars by Deb Allerton to the Healthy Heart Schools’ Program. The donation is managed through the Niagara Community Foundation with the establishment of a named fund in honour of her parents. Deb Allerton has named the fund for Heart Niagara as the John and Lillian Clark Fund. Doctor Lillian Clark was a loved and respected Paediatrician in the Niagara Region who supported Heart Niagara’s concept of Primary Prevention of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), through early years intervention in schools, from its onset in Niagara in the mid-1980s. Doctor John Clark was a Niagara surgeon who was held in the highest regard by his patients and his peers and was a long time Heart Niagara volunteer as a Cardiac Rehabilitation Physician. Deb’s ground-breaking gift provides an opportunity to honour the memory of two remarkable Canadians who played a central and pivotal role in the medical and social communities of the Niagara Region throughout the latter half of the 20th Century and whose influence has remained pertinent up to the present day. The John and Lillian Clark Fund has been established through a large capital investment whose annual distributable earnings will be used to facilitate the delivery of the Healthy Heart Schools’ Program. Watch the announcement at the Red Dress Cocktail Party by clicking here. You can also watch BuzzNiagara's coverage here. 1425055531_ConsiderAGift

Heart Niagara would be happy to discuss a gift today or making a planned gift. A donation is a simple but meaningful way to support the care of children through Heart Niagara.

The Healthy Heart Schools’ Program (HHSP) was first proposed to the Committee of Regional Secondary School Principals, four school boards in 1985 by Heart Niagara with the support of the Niagara Regional Public Health and physical education teachers. The first year of implementation was in 1987 as part of the Physical Education curriculum of Grade 9 students. The program was delivered by the physical education teacher and was strengthened by lifestyle assessment delivered by the school nurse and individual risk factor assessment of cholesterol and blood pressure by Heart Niagara staff. The program expanded to all secondary schools (32) in the Niagara Region reaching about 4,000 adolescents and their families annually. Since then it has been clearly established that physiological in young children, if not reversed or controlled, will progress to pathological changes in adulthood. The Child is Father to the Man. The concept that Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease and other Metabolic Diseases such as Obesity and Diabetes starts in childhood is now generally accepted around the world. Many countries have invested in public health programs to encourage children toward better nutrition, more activity, less inactivity, less smoking etcetera. The HHSP is unique in impacting one-on-one on all adolescents and their families in order to make individual contact and identify individual needs among every child. Research data from the HHSP has been utilized in co-operation with The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) to publish many studies which show the high percentage of children who by the age of 10 already demonstrate risk markers for future disease. In more recent years these concepts have led Heart Niagara to expand into elementary schools reaching children in Grade 5 and Grade 7 with the same methodology. In addition to the individual intervention program Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training are taught in each class on a separate day. Other original research by Heart Niagara and SickKids from the HHSP has shown that 33% of Niagara children have at least one risk factor for future CVD in grade 9. Also that Body Mass Index, (used to define obesity in the adult population), is not as effective in children and that Waist to Height Ratio (WHR) provides more risk specification for overweight and future metabolic disease. And that sleep disturbance in youth is associated with a higher risk marker profile. 1425055657_LeaveALegacy

The John and Lillian Clark Fund welcomes you to participate in the named fund for Heart Niagara through the Niagara Community Foundation.

The Fund recognizes donors of future bequests and planned gifts, as well as promotes philanthropy. You can choose to become an active participant in Heart Niagara’s legacy of health and wellness of children.

Members will be invited to an annual event and, if they wish, be listed in the annual report. You will be part of a special group of individuals who are committed to improving the health and well-being of children with a thoughtful future gift.

The amount and purpose of your gift is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed publicly.

A charitable bequest made through your will is a simple and impactful way of giving.

It allows you to leave a larger gift than would be possible during your lifetime. In your will, you can choose to leave to the Heart Niagara Fund a specific piece of property, securities, cash or a percentage of your estate. By planning today, you can have a tremendous impact on by improving the health and wellness of children and families for generations to come, through the John and Lillian Clark Fund.

Every gift in every will makes a difference, and your support can help advance child health so that one day every child can reach their fullest potential.

Benefits include:

• Satisfaction of providing a future gift while retaining control of your assets during your lifetime

• A charitable tax receipt to your estate

• Reduction or elimination of estate taxes through careful planning

• Honour or memorialize yourself or a loved one by establishing a named endowment fund

Leaving a gift to Heart Niagara in your will is simple. Speak to your lawyer about drafting or revising your will or adding a codicil. Letting us know that you have made a bequest allows us the opportunity to thank you today and ensure that your gift can accomplish what you would like it to.

For more information, call Heart Niagara at 905-358-5552