Reachable Roads Campaign

Reachable Roads

Main Themes

Vulnerable Road Users
Dangerous & Distracted Driving
School Bus & Large Vehicle Safety
Vulnerable Road Users Dangerous & Distracted Driving School Bus & Large Vehicle Safety


Heart Niagara’s Reachable Roads Campaign is working to advocate for cities where every mode of transportation is safe and accessible for the user. Cities, towns, and municipalities where individuals have the option to take public transportation, use their own personal vehicle, cycle, or walk, are more likely to be designed for active transportation: the use of one’s own individual power to get from one place to the next. Complete streets are the bridge in which we achieve the ultimate goal of accessible active transportation for road users. In designing complete streets, communities are able to incorporate various types of infrastructure in one location, making active transportation the most accessible mode of travel.

While striving for the goal of making active transportation a tangible reality, it is crucial to acknowledge and promote a culture of safety and compassion amongst various types of road users. Our goal at Heart Niagara is to educate on the importance of sharing the road in order to make roads more reachable for all road users. In turn we are advocating for a community that promotes active transportation, which not only benefits our health, but also the environment, economy, and society, all while reducing the strain on our transportation system.

The Reachable Roads Campaign will focus on the impacts of vulnerable road users, dangerous/distracted driving, and school bus/large vehicle safety. In focusing in on these topics the campaign will educate all road users on safe driving practices and how to share the road, all while incorporating active transportation into your lifestyle.


 Thank you to our Partners

Thank you to our community partners who are continuously promoting active transportation through complete streets. It is with their contributions that Heart Niagara is able to advocate for safe shared roads across the Niagara Region while promoting the use of active transportation.

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