CPR & AED Training Videos

Effective bystander CPR when used with an AED (automated external defibrillator) following cardiac arrest, can double a person's chances of survival. Statistics show that nearly 60 percent of Canadians that had to perform first aid did so to help a family member. Studies revealed that those who have taken a CPR and/or First Aid course were considerably more confident in their skills to help someone experiencing a medical emergency. While CPR is a standard in safety training and literally a lifesaver, it is more of a time buyer. CPR maintains blood flow to the brain and buys time for EMS who will be arriving with a defibrillator. Minutes Count! Sudden Cardiac Arrest, or SCA, is a frequently misunderstood worldwide killer. It can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime. It occurs when the heart's electrical system malfunctions and the heart suddenly stops beating. It is unpredictable. Almost 40,000 Canadians die each year of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Heart Niagara has been a leader in education in Niagara since 1977. The importance of knowing CPR and how to use and AED has been a challenge due to COVID-19. Heart Niagara is committed to provide virtual solutions to educate our community regarding the importance of early CPR and defibrillation and help people learn some basic life-saving skills in response to the pandemic restrictions. Heart Niagara has launched a series of videos that demonstrate the life-saving CPR and AED skills necessary to respond in case of cardiac emergency. Click here to visit Heart Niagara's YouTube Channel !

For further information or to schedule private CPR/AED training please call Heart Niagara at 905-358-5552 ext 102 or email info@heartniagara.com.