Physical Activity Classes

Body BootCamp

Body BootCamp is a physical activity class that is focused on using your own body weight for strength training and cardio training. This class occurs twice a week (Monday’s and Thursday’s). The main goal of this class is to get your heart rate up and keep you moving. This is a circuit style class, which means there will be workloads followed by rest.

Core Strength

Core Strength is a physical activity class that is focused on developing and maintaining core strength. Did you know your “core” consists of your abdominal, obliques, glute muscles, hamstrings and quads. Therefore it is important to maintain the strength of all of these muscles in order to have a strong core. Having a strong core is important in preventing injury and maintaining proper posture.

Stretch & Fit

Stretch & fit is a class is focused on flexibility and posture. During each session the exercise performed will be focused on strengthening posture as well as a full body stretch. This class will always include a warm-up and a cool-down to ensure the body is ready to exercise and take on daily tasks.

This class is especially beneficial for those who sit long periods in a day or have aches and pains from daily tasks.


Gentle Hatha Yoga is a slow paced and relaxing class for all levels of Yoga experience. Filled with deep stretching, breath work and relaxation practices, it is an uplifting practice that improves flexibility, and opens the body with awareness. We will be focusing on the basics of alignment, stretch, breath and balance with an emphasis on releasing tension from the lower back, hips and neck. This class is designed to combat and reverse stress damage, while stretching, strengthening and releasing tightness with nurturance and ease. This class is designed to accommodate each student in his/her pose through modification.


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