Wellness Workshop Series

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Join us at Heart Niagara for the Wellness Workshop Series with Cindy Vandyke. 

Each unique and interesting 2-hour workshop will provide you with knowledge that may enhance and influence your daily life. 

Introduction to Mindful Meditation - to prepare you for the busy times ahead - Saturday November 19th from 10am-12pm
Did you know, when you pray you are talking, and when you meditate you are listening? Come and learn simple tips on how to hear and quiet your mind.

Self Care Versus Pampering - to help you manage and get through the busy times - Saturday December 10th from 10am-12pm
This workshop is based on building awareness on the differences between nurturing and pampering. Understand how self care can enhance and elevate your personal well-being, and open ideas of gifts for yourself and loved ones.

The Science and Soul of the Breath - to help balance you after a busy time and contribute to personal health throughout the year - Saturday January 21st from 10am-12pm
You receive your first breath the moment you are born and the last the moment of death. Come and learn the amazing techniques of breathing that can calm, energize, bring clarity, increase health, and become aware of times to hold on, and time to let go.


Each workshop is offered for $30 including HST, or you can purchase the whole 3-series workshop for $75 including HST.